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Random Thoughts

  • This coming week looks to be a slow week with football in a lull until the bowls kick off and most basketball teams in the midst of exams therefore playing a limited schedule. Then again something might break in the NC State coaching search, speaking of which....
  • Bill Cowher said no to the Wolfpack and I realize I am about five days late on bringing this up but it would have made for interesting times here in the Triangle with two high profile coaches in the same media sphere. I guess that would have made it like basketball.
  • Based on my blog stats I am seeing a lot of traffic for the Paul Johnson advocacy posts I wrote during the UNC coaching search. I have had a lot of hits from Alabama forums and also some from NC State folks. I also have to wonder what the ratings for the Army-Navy game on Saturday was in Raleigh. I would think higher than normal.
  • The BCS made their selection for the national title game which apparently is still almost five weeks away which will end up being nearly a two month layoff for Ohio State. The Buckeyes will meet Florida who won the SEC title game and are 12-1 with a single loss to Auburn. The Gators did not garner a lot of style points and when UCLA dumped USC it opened the door for either a OSU-Michigan rematch(bleh) or OSU-Florida. I am glad the latter happened because it should be note that despite losing to OSU by three on the road, Michigan did fail to win it's conference. They had their shot and did not get it done, so let Florida have their shot and see what happens.
  • Then again, since they have added an extra game anyway I say let's go for a "plus one" system and have a four team playoff. I honestly believe if you took the top four teams in the final rankings and seeded them in two national semifinals followed by a national championship game it would be a huge success. Under the current setup #1 OSU would play #4 LSU and #2 Florida would play #3 Michigan. Have one game at 4:00 and the other one at 8:00 on on Saturday with a title game 10 days later and I would think it would be heavily watched. Screw the bowls and how many fans they think they can bring in, let's determine the champion the right away and stop this needless debate over who is #2. Under this system the question of who is #4 is less of a sticking point.
  • I saw OSU coach Jim Tressel being interviewed during the selection show and he talked about exams starting up this week and how his players would be focused on that and doing well on them. He said this was something they always want to do well on. Yeah, Jim, whatever you say buddy.