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Tar Heel Fan on SI's Website

David Isaacs of SI on Campus contacted me over the weekend and asked to contribute a small blurb for "The Monday Awards" basketball power rankings:

3) UNC (6-1)

After a tough loss to Gonzaga, UNC bounced back to beat Tennessee, Ohio State, and Kentucky, all in a row. However, coach Roy Williams is unhappy with the play of his young freshmen. After beating Tennessee, he said his team needed "to go home and for Christmas ask for some brains." Against Kentucky, Williams benched all of his starters because they weren't showing enough hustle. A 6-1 record (three wins have come against very good teams) has never sounded so bad.

Brian of TarHeelFan: "If we learned anything from the second half of the Ohio State game, it is that UNC might be starting to put the pieces together, at least offensively, anyway. We also learned that Carolina blue has the same effect on three-point shooters that a red cape has on a bull."

You can read the rest of the rankings here.