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Watching LSU-Texas

I was just watching Texas squeak out a win over LSU in 76-75 in overtime. It was a good early season game since it had that NCAA Tournament quality about it. The ending was interesting. Texas was up one with 17 seconds left, then missed two free throws. LSU brings the ball to half court calls timeout with 11 seconds left and sets the play which went as follows: LSU inbounds makes to passes alone the perimeter the fires off a three from 18 inches behind the three point line which was badlly missed. Texas rebounded the ball and the clock went to triple zeroes. Here is my question: How do you end up with a bad three point attempt out of a timeout in which you set the play? Surely that was not the shot they wanted or was it a case that the look they were seeking simply was not there and they panicked with the bad three point shot? Of course there were reasons why John Brady was practically ignored by NC State in April. If this was any indication, I would say Brady is not exactly the best game coach on the planet. And regardless of their ranking LSU has never struck me as legitimate contender, even when they knocked off Duke last year. Also, it was a nice win for a Texas team that is young and struggled early on this season.