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Carolina March Sells Out

So. Well. Here we are, then.

This is Carolina March, which was once Tar Heel March - but that was in another country, and besides, the wench is dead. It began in the spring of 2005, when to keep my sanity while living in a household of four rabid Illini alumni, I began to bloviate on the actions of a of a basketball team that I hoped would have a pleasant month of March. (They did. Books have been written about it, actually.) Whether the blog was successful in its original intention remains a matter of debate, but to the surprise of everyone - myself included - I came back to toss out more uninformed commentary on college athletics, and inexplicably came to the attentions of the folks at SportsBlogs Nation, bringing us here.

Making the jump to ad-supported, blogging-for-pay wasn't a particularly easy one. I'm not sure how comfortable I am making money (and I'm fully expecting to be raking in tens to hundreds of cents here) off the work of a bunch of college kids who aren't getting paid themselves, after all. What drew me over was the goodwill the co-owner has built up on his small little niche site and a general curiousity towards where this whole sports blogging will go. Despite the years-long media infatuation with blogging, when I put out my shingle awhile back, the better of the ACC blogs were all a couple of months old, and within a year the major news organizations had jumped into the pool. There isn't the adverserial media relationship you see in political blogging or the walled away self-absorbtion of geek blogging - everythings out in the open. Throw in the rampant image appropriation of most sports blogs, and I begin to wonder whether this will last and where exactly its headed. I might as well have a front row seat when it happens.

Anyway, this is Carolina March. For the moment, you don't have to register to comment, but you're more than welcome to do so and play around with the software - it's the other reason I made the jump. Just think about the kind of person who makes anonymous comments about the lives of college kids, and try not to be that guy. And in return, I'll write more about Carolina athletics and less of this navel-gazing blog crap. Promise.