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Normally, Ned Bennett's column on John Bunting wouldn't be worth mentioning. Bunting thinks the team has improved, and they can win all their games. It's tough to find a coach that doesn't think that about their squad. This caught my eye, though:

"When I took the program over, there were misfits here and there was a tragedy of academics," he said.

In his first season, Bunting said he had 30 players with GPAs under 2.0. By spring practice of the following year, he had 40 under 2.0.

Now he has zero.

Good. I'm not too thrilled with the extended blaming of the situation he inherited - some of the responsibility for athletes failing to perform academically falls on the coaches leading them - but for a program that's taken a few too many barbs from rival fans over the past few years, it's good to see the scholastic house in order.

In the same vein, it's also good to see Mike Mason get a fresh start at Tennesse State. Here's hoping everything goes well for him.