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Boston College 31, Central Michigan 24

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Not the most auspicious beginning to the ACC-MAC challenge. The Eagles brought out a very weak secondary, giving up 243 yards passing to the second and third string quaterbacks. That number should have been at least 80 yards higher, with two or three passes bouncing off the hands of wide-open Central Michigan recievers. Of course, Dan LeFevour, the back-up quarterback in question, also personally racked up 72 yards on the ground, so there's a bit of a suspect play on the Eagles front line at well.

To be honest, Central Michigan should have won this game. A couple of very poor Central Michigan coaching choices - going for it on 4th and 8 from their own 27, replacing LeFevour with the third string quarterback right after the momentum had shifted their way, and a just plain bizarre gimmick play late in the game with the team in position to tie - kept the game in the hands of BC, but if that same team takes the field next weekend against Clemson, they'll get slaughtered.

Also, the ESPN crew covering that game (Saunders/James/Flutie) needs to focus a little more on the play in front of them and less on whatever random sports talk enters their head.