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Around the League

I spent a good portion of yesterday scrubbing the tar from my heels. That's not a metaphor for turning by back on the university or anything, it's a literal description of my evening. The Santa Barbara beaches have a lot of tar, and what's good as a mascot is bad for your carpet. So a quick tour around the internet:

And of course, ACC Basketblog has the complete roundup, notable for being the largest collection of depressingly humorous headlines they've ever collected. My personal favorites?
  • ACC Has Lost Its Way, taking the position that the ACC isn't just bad, they're Pac-10 bad. (By the way, I think after the San Jose State loss Duke fans can stop looking to Stanford for how to run a winning football team as a private school with a small alumni base.)
  • ACC's Bermuda Triangle, which went for the same Joe Dailey tackling joke I did. Other than that, it's more of the same, although it heaps a special bit of indignity on N.C. State for Akron's nickname. Not to alleviate the Wolfpack misery, but Akron's a good team that will have a fair amount of success this year. And is the name "Zips" that much stranger than "Demon Deacons?"
  • And the best title of the day, Apathy the Big Winner at Kenan Stadium Now. Although I can't blame the fans - if you want an excited crowd, give them a little more to cheer about - the band probably should have at least stuck around longer than the coaches.
Caulton Tudor's column deserves a little more comment - I'll try to give it its own post this afternoon.