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It's Indie Rock and Roll to Me

Sure, everyone's tired of themed college football rankings at this point, but as this one corresponds to another one of my sadly obsessive hobbies, I'll throw it out anyway - Gorilla vs. Bear's College Radio Football Preview.

Three of the four ACC schools are spot on, especially Clemson as Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (I don't understand the appeal of either) and Virginia Tech as My Morning Jacket (The most country of any of the bands listed, which if I'm not mistaken would make them the most likely to be played on Virginia Tech college radio.) Miami as the Strokes is the only one I can't really see, although I can't think of a better choice at the moment.

And if I had to pair UNC with a band? I'd go with Archers of Loaf. From first being noticed in 1993 to putting out their best (and last studio) album in 1998, they were never truly visible on the national stage. Now half the band has moved on to become integral parts of successful bands, but there's nothing left in Chapel Hill.

I think at this point I'd prefer the Heels to be more of an unproven up-and-comer like Annuals, though.