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UNC 45, Furman 42

Perhaps, just perhaps, the team might entertain the idea  of having both the offense and the defense show up for a game.

Three weeks, three running backs, at least three touchdowns apiece against the Tar Heels. Jerome Felton was this week's beneficiary, and if he didn't put up top-fullback-in-D1-AA yards, it's only because the entire Furman offense was busy racking up 521 yards.

The good news? The Heels moved the ball 446 yards themselves, including three rushing and a recieving touchdown for Ronnie McGill. Cam Sexton threw 50% less interceptions than lass week. The special teams capitalized on mistakes instead of making them. There were enough long yardage rushing touchdowns (34, 30 yards) and dramatic passes (40, 58, and Holley's 50 yard TD catch) to make the game exciting - although giving up 42 points to Furman probably played a larger role in that.

On the radio broadcast, Woody Durham was reminded of the 1971 William & Mary game, where Lou Holtz coached a team that just fell short against the ACC champion Heels, 36-35. Holtz got the N.C. State job the following year. And while I'm sure that job will be open again this year, I'm more reminded of the 2004 William & Mary game, where the score said less about the state of the D1-AA team and more about that of the foks with the interlocking NC's on their helmets. Because another performance like this one and even a Clemson with an FSU hangover won't have to breathe hard to get a victory.