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Breaking It Down

BCS conference teams I feel confident that UNC could beat on any given Saturday:

  • Colorado (0-3)
  • Illinois (1-2)
BCS conference teams I feel that UNC should be able to handle, although Furman did put up 42 points, so who really knows:
  • Duke (0-3). They did play Wake Forest close.
  • N.C. State (1-2). The only fanbase more disillusioned than the Tar Heels'.
  • Virginia (1-2). Wyoming is the lone (OT) win, not to mention the loss to Western Michigan.
  • Syracuse (1-2). Only snapped an 11-game losing streak by playing Illinois.
  • Connecticut (1-1). Played worse against Wake Forest than Syracuse and Duke.
  • Stanford (0-3). Lost to San Jose State. Got routed by Navy, which doesn't bode well for Duke.
Thoroughly mediocre to bad BCS teams that would still beat UNC at this point:
  • Wake Forest (3-0)
  • Maryland (2-1)
  • Baylor (1-2)
  • Iowa State (2-1)
  • Cincinnati (1-2)
  • Indiana (2-1)
  • Northwestern (2-1)
  • Kentucky (2-1)
  • Mississippi (1-2)
  • Mississippi State (0-3)
  • Vanderbilt (0-3)
Percentile this would put UNC in: 12.3%
Wins UNC might get for the season if they keep playing like this: 4