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Wins and Losses

Everyone's been tossing around the fact that the Big East is 4-2 against the ACC this season - and that the ACC's two wins both come at the courtesy of Wake Forest. Less mentioned, but more interesting is that provided Virginia Tech doesn't stumble against Cincinnati this week, the ACC's chances of pulling out a draw rests entirely on North Carolina beating South Florida on October 14th.

Other win-loss records of note:

  • There's only D-1A school in UNC's first six games they have an all-time winning record against. Oddly enough, that team is Miami. UNC is 5-4 versus the Hurricanes. And the back half's significantly easier - only Notre Dame holds an edge in the series.
  • Since other folks are boasting about their preseason prescience, I thought I'd mention that I'm 25-7 in my preseason half-assed predictions. Out of the six I missed, I went the wrong way on Florida-Miami and BC-Clemson, didn't set the bar low enough for Duke against Richmond, Virginia versus Western Michigan, or N.C. State's visit to Southern Mississippi, and what else? Oh yes, I was completely wrong about every D1-A opponent UNC's played this year.
  • Here's a potential quick fix a few ACC teams might want to consider - getting someone to write for SportsBlog Nation about you. The college teams on the sidebar are a combined 49-17 on the season, and 40-8 against teams not being blogged on the site.