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Clemson 52, UNC 7

I blame the refs.

You thought the Oklahoma-Oregon and Auburn-LSU games were ruined by the officiating? This was a travesty of justice. North Carolina dominated every aspect of this game, except perhaps the slight advantage the Tigers had passing, rushing, defending the pass, defending the run, kicking, kick returning, in the stands, in preperation, in speed, in poise, in skill, in strength, in conditioning, in hair products, on the offensive line, on the defensive line, on the sidelines, advancing the ball beyond yard lines and coloring within the lines. But UNC had a clear, unyielding advantage everywhere else.

So what did Tommy Bowden do? He put his thumb on the scales ofd justice and bent the referrees to his will. UNC was hit with penalty after penalty, solely for having the temerity to attack Clemson in Death Valley with innovative defensive techniques like stacking 12 in the box and pre-snap bllitzes. Clemson players were so embarassed at the blatancy of the calls they declined several of the more egregious offenses.

Letters must be written. Protests must be made. John Swofford and Tommy Hunt, head of ACC officials will hear of this, and we will not rest until this game is stricken from the record books. It's shoddy work and biased officiating that is runing the great game of college football, and we will stand for it no more.

The loss left the Tar Heels so disheartened they forgot their previous ACC loss this year. Here's hoping they, and their fans that sit with tear-stained faces at in the injustice of it all, can use the byw week to recover. And let it be known, men in stripes working the Miami game in two weeks that we will remain vigilant. North Carolina will not be cheated again.

We'll be watching, you smug bastard.

(Rant in honor of this bit of genius.)