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Introducing Five Days, Football-Free

I'm beginning to suspect Carolina may not be all that good a football team this year.

I know, my insight is both original and piercing with laser accuracy. No need to thank me. But it brings up an interesting dilemma. It's another twelve days until UNC takes the field, and there's only so much discussion about John Bunting's future one man can take. And yet, it's way to early to leap to basketball season - we're not going there until Dick Vitale sticks is head out of the ground and screechingly announces whether he's seen his shadow, granting us six more weeks of PTPers.

So I'm calling for Five Days, Football-Free. Unless something unquestionably newsworthy occurs - say, the entire team being bitten by radioactive spiders and gaining the proportionate strength of Tobey Maguire - the words football, quarterback, recievers, yards, Bunting, and Whythehellisthisteamsodamnawful will not be welcome here this week. If that's what you come here for, take the week off.

What'll be running here in its place? Well, I have five days to figure that out.

But before I close the futility book, a couple of stray links I've had lying around:

Our week of football-less blogging begins... now.