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Five Days, Football-Free: But Not Futbol-Free

It's time for a brief check-in with themen's and women's soccer teams, who started the season ranked first and third, respectively.

All that talk about the ACC being a weak conference in football? It doesn't really apply in soccer. Six of the top ten men's teams and three of the top ten women's are members of the ACC, and its made the conference schedule brutal. The men's team opened conference play with losses to N.C. State and current #2 Clemson before knocking off then top-ranked Virginia. UNC (9-2, 1-2) has three top ten teams remaining on the schedule, interspersed with local schools and a pair of lesser ACC schools. Their most recent match was an overtime squeaker over the Elon College University Fightin' Christians Phoenix.

I always had a fondness for Elon College's original nickname. Primarily because as a young lad I saw the Elon College Fightin' Christians take on the Guilford College Fightin' Quakers in football. Tensions ran high, and after the game a fight broke out.

The women's team hasn't lost since its season opener to #10 Texas A&M, and has racked up impressive wins over #14 Florida, #5 Portland, and #4 Florida State. The Tar Heels (10-1, 2-0) have given up five goals on the year, and have had two players named National Players of the Week so far this season.