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Rutgers 21, UNC 16

Well that was less than pleasant.

For the entire second half, my mind kept going back to an article I read but never blogged this week - Knights Impressed by UNC's Front Four. The Scarlet Knights sure didn't look impressed, and the Tar Heel defense didn't give them a reason to be. Scoring drives of 93, 62, and 78 yards. 3 punts the entire game. 201 yards rushing from Raymell Rice - 61 of them on that 62 yard drive. The defensive line got pushed around like a broom most of the day, and if it continues, this is going to be a long season. A lot of teams on the schedule can bring the run.

The offense, two interceptions aside, ran much smoother than expected. McGill was a force, especially in creating that 48 yard gallop where there was nothing. Dailey took over in the fourth quarter and led three great drives, only to lose the first to a goalline stand and the last to an interception. The passing turnovers could be worrisome down the line, but for now the passing game, espsecially to newer faces Foster and Nicks, is encouraging. And you can't find much to complain about in special teams.

My unreasonable expectations are almost always popped in the first game of the season - that I can handle. But there needs to be some improvement, or it's going to be a long, unpleasant year for a lot of people.

Interesting note: Bunting is 0-5 in opening games against D-IA opponents. The only season that started out with a victory was 2004 against William & Mary.