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Hot Seats

I occasionally wonder about the reporting on coaching pressure. The impetus this time is one of the many articles on Larry Coker at Miami, this one coming out and saying he must win his next 11 games to keep his job. Which, quite frankly, is an insane set of expectations for any team.

Now I'm nowhere near Miami, a fact I'm often quite thankful for, so the city may actually be filled with Eleven or Unemployment talk. But Dan Wetzel isn't there either. And writing about a 58-10 coach with a national championship under his belt having his job in jeopardy is news. Man-bites-dog news. So it gets written about ad nauseum, and if the national press is constantly putting out the argument for your firing, eventually folks are going to believe it.

So is there a groundswell for the ouster of Larry Coker? The obligatory anti-coach website has two pages and six posts, and not a lot of folks flocking to its support. The fact of the matter is it shouldn't. Winning more than nine games in a twelve game season (a feat Butch Davis accomplished once) is as much product of chance as coaching in a conference of any merit, and Coker has given his team all the tools they need to take advantage of those chances. I can't think of anyone else they could bring in who could do better.