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Four Seconds of Soccer

I'm a little late in finding out about this, but UNC's Yale Averbuch scored off the opening kickoff of last Sunday's game against, oddly enough, Yale. Tar Heel Blue has the footage of what was the fastest goal in NCAA women's soccer history. Said footage has since migrated to ESPN Sportscenter, and it's telling that it wasn't until the latter network broadcast the kick that anyone actually asked Averbuch what brought that strategy on.

The Tar Heels are 4-1, after losing the opener to Texas A&M, and play this weekend in the Nike Portland Invitational - the name of which is shared between a soccer and volleyball tournament, apparently. It will be the first game for the full UNC Roster, as forward Casey Nogueira and midfielder Tobin Heath return from playing in Russia with the U.S. Under-20 National Team, joining Heather O'Reilly (U.S. National Team) and Robyn Gayle (Canadian National Team) who have both also missed games to play nationally this season.