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Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hy-ell No.

Things to know about the folks from Virginia Tech coming to Kenan this weekend:

  • They're going to run the ball. Which therefore requires a better run defense on the part of UNC than what showed up last week. Or to the last two Virgina Tech games. Hell, when the opposing coach is trying to downplay how well his team runs against you, you know to expect more of the same.
  • They're still not all that concerned about personal fouls. After last year's Marcus Vick stomp and a host of other embarassments, Coach Beamer instituted a "fine" of $100 off a player's bowl game per diem for a flagrant penalty. A punishment that was then promptly not handed down to two players for three fouls against Northeastern. And then after further review - and some media questions - one of the players was given the punishment, but only for one foul. No word on what would happen should the Hokies not become bowl eligible, but then again we can all see their nonconference schedule.
  • They still employ Mike O'Cain. Here's an odd little fact: O'Cain is 8-9-1 against North Carolina over his 29 years of coaching, but he's 8-5-1 in Kenan Stadium, with over half those losses coming while wearing a headset for the Heels.
  • If Connor Barth has spent much time watching ESPN, he's seen his missed field goal against the Hokies two years ago more times than he probably wants to. And Bunting has already stated unleash the kicker for another 50+ yard kick after the 47 yarder against Rutgers.
  • And most importantly of all, everyone playing for Virginia Tech is secretly a pod person: