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Virginia Tech 35, UNC 10

Although you couldn't tell it from the score, this one wasn't the defense's fault. Virginia Tech only had one sustained scoring drive, a third quarter, 55 yard affair on the back of Brandon Ore. The defense forced 6 punts and recovered two fumbles, and allowed only 224 yards of offense.

They also started two series on their own one yard line. It's rather hard to avoid giving up touchdowns in that situation.

Other good news to come out of the game:

As for the bad? The Heels couldn't run against the Virginia tech defense, so had they had to pass. Which led to Joe Dailey (2 interceptions) being replaced by Cam Sexton (2 interceptions), in turn being replaced by Joe Dailey again, only to have the game finished by Cam Sexton with a touchdown drive in garbage time. The special teams also threw their hat in the misery ring, giving up a blocked punt on the UNC 1 yard line. (They partially redeemed themselves by recovering an onsides kick late in the fourth.)

The end result is a second straight year of UNC hanging with the Hokies for the first half, and putting forth an embarassing performance in the second. But now there's a quarterback controversy, if you can call the duelling mediocre performances that. I still prefer what Dailey's displayed so far, but that's more a matter of taste - I prefer steady, composed interceptions to the panicked, wild ones of Sexton - and dissappointment in Sexton's timid slides when running with the ball.

If I was a Virginia Tech fan, I would be less than pleased with the team the took the field for them today. But they got a sufficiently large-margined win out of the day, and we'll just have to wait until their next real game on the 30th to see what they can do. For now, it's time to polish off a bottle of wine, watch some better football, and try not to think of Furman.