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Kicking Is Fundamental

Three ACC games so far today have been decided on late game kicks from gimmie-distances:

  • Duke drove 63 yards in the last 1:13 to set up a game winning 28 yard field goal. Wake Forest blocks it.

    Question: Which does this bode worse for, Duke, who couldn't win the game under the best conditions they're likely to see this year, or Wake Forest, who let Duke almost walk off with the game?
  • Virginia saves a little face when Wyoming misses an extra point in overtime, allowing Virginia to score 7 and win the game.

    Question: Is Wyoming any good, or is Virginia just that bad? Provo Pride? Block U? Either of you want to field that one?
  • Clemson royally botches their conference championship plans when they miss the extra point in the second overtime against Boston College.

    Question: How far can the Eagles go with these squeaker wins? And can Clemson rebound against Florida State next week?
Of course, this is the same Florida State deadlocked with Troy at 10-10 going into the fourth. Perhaps there will be another game to add to this list before the evening's done.