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ACC Basketball Update(1/10)

Clemson 87 NC State 76

There is still one undefeated team in the nation and it is Clemson. The Tigers go to 17-0 and 3-0 in the ACC with a win on the road at NC State. The Pack, who most expect will be at the bottom of the ACC, is now 0-3 in the conference. NC State got Engin Atsur back for the BC game over the weekend but did not have him for this game and it showed in the turnover column with seventeen miscues, six of them belonging to Gavin Grant who might actually be worse running the point than Greg Paulus which is not saying much for Paulus since is actually a point guard and Grant is not. As for Clemson, it is getting pretty hard not to see them as the real deal. K.C. Rivers and James Mays form a nice inside-out combination. Vernon Hamilton and Cliff Hammonds also provide significant perimeter shooting as well as solid play at the point. Clemson was 10-19 against the Pack from three point range and shot a robust 55% from the floor to lead by four at halftime and eventually opened the game up for an easy win.

Boston College 95 Wake Forest 85

BC also gets to 3-0 in the ACC with a win on the road at woeful Wake Forest which included a 19 point lead by the Eagles in the second half which was reduced to a single point 2 minutes to go in the game and Wake shooting a free throw to tie. Michael Drum missed that and BC reasserted control of the game to win by 10. So in my opinion BC strikes me as a tad inconsistent still relying on physical play and defense. Wake might be better than advertised but not much to the point it really does not matter.