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ACC Basketball Update(1/16)

Boston College 82 Miami 63

BC is now 5-0 in the ACC and if I were them I would be wondering what it takes to get into the top 25. Acutally I am not wondering that because the only win they have over a ranked team is the win against MD at home which was promptly followed by a drubbing at Kansas and the inexplicable loss to Duquesne. The schedule starts catching up with BC starting Sat with a trip to Clemson. Oh yeah, Miami is probably in the throes of a potentially long losing streak at this point.

Virginia 103 Maryland 91

Virginia shot 25 more free throws than Maryland did. That is a free throw disparity Coach K could be proud of. In fact J.R. Reynolds and Sean Singletary were a combined 23-26 from the free throw line. Something tells me the Terp defenders had a difficult time guarding their counterparts from Charlottesville. Maryland continues to turn the ball over at an alarming rate which was interesting seeing that UVA did them one miscue better at 20 in the game. In other words this looks it may have been one of the ugliest high scoring games in recent memory. Maryland continues to be the very model of inconsistent play and then again so does UVa.