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ACC Basketball Update(1/18)

First of all, the biggest news of the ACC night Wednesday came off the court with Boston College's Al Skinner dismissing Sean Williams and Akida McLain from the team for the always vague violation of team rules. The loss of McLain is inconsequential but Williams is irreplacable since he was 3rd in the nation with 5.0 blocks per game. Obviously this changes the whole dynamic of the ACC with a 5-0 BC now missing their starting center who was also averaging 12.1 ppg and 7.0 rpg. The Eagles already had some bad losses on their schedule and that was with Williams in the lineup. I can imagine the next 11 conference games are going to be fairly rough.

Florida State 82 Virginia Tech 73

FSU got off the snide and finally won an ACC game. VT gets a reality check with their first ACC loss after a hot streak of big wins. For the Hokies it was a rather harsh turn of events after the big win against UNC and being ranked for the first time since 1996. FSU needed to win in a bad way or any hopes of getting to 9-7 would have been nearly axed.

North Carolina 77 Clemson 55

The Heels make a statement at Littlejohn that the loss at VT was indeed an isolated incident. Clemson went from winning 17 straight to losing two in a row with BC, Duke, UVa, GT, and FSU making up the next five games.