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ACC Basketball Update(1/26)


Boston College 85 FSU 82
Virginia Tech 92 Miami 85

UNC 88 Wake Forest 60
Maryland 80 Georgia Tech 65
Virginia 71 NC State 58

Duke 68 Clemson 66


  • I am still waiting for the promised demise of Boston College after they put FSU in a deep hole. The schedule coming up could very break the Eagles.
  • Virginia Techdid not play well at Miami but remained one of the three one loss teams in the ACC.
  • Maryland got a much needed win over Georgia Tech and Gary Williams has to be hoping it is a harbinger of things to come. Tech on the other hand is in danger of slipping down a very steep slope into the NIT.
  • NC State got swept by Virginia and the word in Raleigh is that the team is not playing smart nor passionate. Something tells me Sidney Lowe will need to get his own players in there before he can really get his brand of basketball going.
  • Clemson got screwed at Duke by (1) the refs for botching the timing call and (2) themselves for failing to take the lead late when given the chance.
  • Wake Forest did a lot of watching during the last 10 minutes of their game with UNC, mainly because they were so tired.
  • This weekend: UNC at Arizona for a big non-conference tilt, FSU looks for a sure win against Wake Forest, UVa at Clemson for a guard fest, Tech vs Tech in Atlanta, and Boston College comes to Duke for a game which might include 50 fouls.