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ACC Basketball Update(1/3)


  • Wake Forest won big over East Carolina on New Year's Day, 81-65. I cannot imagine anyone actually showing up to watch this game.


  • My alma mater, UNC Greensboro came very close to knocking off NC State at home. UNCG was up three with five seconds left when Gavin Grant hit a three to tie the game. UNCG then chose to call timeout instead of taking advantage of the defensive chaos which took away a made three that was shot a hair after the timeout was called. Having been at UNCG during the Mike Dement years the first time around, I can tell you he is not that good of a coach. Anyway, UNCG missed a shot to win the game and having squandered the chance to win the game they lost in overtime, 95-93.
  • Duke beat Temple 73-55 with sophomore forward David McClure who came in averaging 0.5 rebounds somehow grabbing 12 boards.
  • Miami knocked off UMass by one, 72-71. Miami gets Wake Forest in four days which may be the last game they win until they play Wake again in mid-February.