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ACC Basketball Update(1/6)

Virginia Tech 69 Duke 67 OT

Why does Duke have so much trouble with VT and Florida State? Needless to say those two teams matchup extremely well with the Devils. ESPN's Jay Bilas pointed out that VT is a good team but has problems focusing when they are not matched up with a big time opponent. No such problems today as they hung tough with Duke at Cameron and avenged the buzzer beater loss from last season. Duke committed an astonishing 22 turnovers with VT only giving the ball up six times. 14 of those turnovers came off steals by VT with Zabian Dowdell and Deron Washington swiping five and four respectively. With as weak an offense as Duke has the last thing they need is to give the ball up as often as they did today. VT is now 2-0 in the ACC and picked off a huge road win.

Boston College 74 NC State 58

It is entirely possible this game was a true indicator for the caliber of each of these teams. BC which has struggled with injuries and suspensions at times has lost to some really bad teams and was blown out by Kansas. NC State has acquitted itself well enough early on to really make people believe that they might be able to overcome the obvious personnel issues. Both of those kind of went out the window today with BC dominating NC State from the very start and winning by 16. Then again it is not like BC shot the ball exceptionally well or did anything special. Basically BC just played physical basketball moving to 2-0 and establishing themselves early on. NC State dropped to 0-2 and really needs a conference win for confidence sake. Wake Forest is likely the best chance next Saturday.

Clemson 75 Georgia Tech 74

Clemson keeps making the case for being in the upper tier of the ACC. Knocking off Georgia Tech at home albeit in a close game is nothing less than a huge win. Especially when you consider Clemson was down five at the break and shot only 37% from the floor with the Jackets shooting a blistering 59%. Turnovers were a problem for GT with 17 overall. The Yellow Jackets are also 0-2 to begin the ACC season which illustrates how badly the loss to Miami may end up hurting them in the standings down the road.

Wake Forest 59 Miami 58

Ugly. Both teams shot 37% from the floor but Wake's Kyle Visser(yes Kyle Visser) was a beast with 15 points and 14 rebounds one of only five players total to crack double figures. Then again what did you expect from a game that by the time these two play again will turn out to have been a battle for last place.