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ACC Bowl Wrap-up

Okay, some final housekeeping now that the football season is over.


Florida State 44 UCLA 27: Now Jeff Bowden's offense figures out how to score.

Kentucky 28 Clemson 20: Sometime in the moments following the win over GT, Clemson shut it down for the season.

Maryland 24 Purdue 7: Maryland closes out a suprisingly good season with a win.

BC 25 Navy 24: Minus a head coach, BC leans on the walk on kicker for the win.

Georgia 31 Virgina Tech 24: VT chokes away this one and looks fairly bad doing it.

Miami 21 Nevada 20: Larry Coker leaves a winner, in fact he might be one of the winningest fired coaches ever.

West Virginia 38 Georgia Tech 35: Let's see Calvin Johnson ends up with nine catches for 190 yards...without Reggie Ball.

Louisville 24 Wake Forest 13: Wake had a great season, no shame in losing after a tough battle with the Cards

ACC Championship and Bowl Record: 5-4
Season Record: 75-29