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Classic Roy

One of Roy Williams endearing qualities is his ability to provide fairly humorous soundbites during his press conferences. Wednesday against Clemson, Roy was in rare form. Here are some choice snippets from the postgame talk with the media via Tar Heel Blue:

They have great quickness. Reyshawn coming down and pulled up shooting a jump shot on the fast break, I was glad Booker blocked it. Hell, I wanted to run out and block it. Take a dumb shot like that, you should have it blocked. If we'd had a timeout, I would have run out there and hugged Booker's neck, just to try to teach Reyshawn a lesson. They are athletic. Booker and Mays, they get after the ball - 12 blocks, eight for Booker. He's pretty good. He's going to be really good.

It seems like for everything Terry does right he will botch something else. I am also getting the impression that Roy does not like many of the decisions Terry makes and his general attitude on the court. I actually am beginning to wonder why he is still starting when he could put Ginyard or Green out there and go smaller in 1-3 positions.

Fear. They thought I was half crazy, I told them it was just half. If they wanted to see the other half, keep playing like they did Saturday against Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech was great, but we didn't compete, we didn't guard, we didn't shoot the ball, we didn't do a lot of things, and I think we did all of them better tonight. We had a great practice on Monday, except for the fall at the end for Tyler, it was a big-time practice. Guys were competing. Yesterday's practice, we had guys mad at each other, barking at each other because they lost a scrimmage at the end, and they lost and I ran the crap out of them. I want guys who compete. I want guys on my team to compete. I want my golfing buddies to compete if they're on my team; if they're on the other team I want them to lay down. But I think we've competed much harder the last two days in practice.

Last season Roy talked about how much he enjoyed the team and how responsive they were to him. This year? He has to be close to needing therapy. In fact when you look at the way UNC played against the backdrop of three difficult practice days it is amazing they won by the margin they did. And I am surprised someone did not pick up on this quote as one pointing to chemistry problems.

If you saw the game Saturday, Ty's busting down the court, he tries to throw it cross court, Jamon Gordon ran and made a great steal. But when you turn it over dribbling the ball from behind, you're dribbling the ball and the guy comes in and steals the ball from behind, hell, there are only five guys. If you count: 1, 2, 3, 4, hell he's not at the popcorn stand, he's coming in behind you. So those turnovers are stupid. I don't want to call my players stupid, but I said they're stupid. You can't do those kinds of things. I don't mind turnovers as long as we're getting something accomplished. At half, we had shot 52% and we had outrebounded them, but we had turnovers. If you ever see us guys walking a ball down the court and playing a 2-3 zone and making twenty passes, have it checked into. My wife has had me killed, and there's an alien crawled up in my body.

That was pretty funny. Especially the part where he says he does not like calling them stupid before proceeding to call them stupid. Basically Roy has no problem with you running into a wall as long as you are full speed when it happens. If you dawdle into the wall Roy will be very unhappy. And the end of the quote is a little odd but includes a Roy standard by making a reference to alien invasion.