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Commercial Roy

850 the Buzz brings us a new Coke commercial from none other than Roy Williams who decided it was time to go out and snag some of that sweet, sweet endorsement money Coach K has been raking in for years now.

Obviously this will draw comparisions to Coach K's commerical ventures as well as the debate over whether this gives him a recruiting advantage. I am convinced that these kids make the decision to attend a Duke or UNC based on the history and a little thing called winning not because they saw Coach K driving a Chevy or Roy Williams drinking a Coke. Of course Joe Ovies had the best take on it:

However, could this be a recruiting disadvantage? What if that five-star senior is a strict Pepsi kid. Or worse, mom doesn’t let the kid drink soda!

I am sure Coach K has similar problems when trying to recruit a kid whose parents are die hard Ford driving MasterCard users.