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Florida Continues to Dominate All Things Buckeye

On December 23rd, Florida routed Ohio State by 26 in basketball.

Last night, the Gators ripped previously unbeaten OSU in football to win the BCS(Not Officially National) Championship. OSU was once thought to be totally impervious to conventional football defenses. That turns out not to be the case.

My thoughts:

1. If you give two teams 40-50 days with nothing to do put prepare for the other team then more times than not the best coaching staff is going to figure out how to shred the other team. Especially when you are talking about a team like Florida which has the speed to matchup with Ohio State. Of course the obvious implication in that collary is that Mack Brown and Pete Carroll are not very good game coaches because the Rose Bowl was so close last season. I think that is all I am going to say about that.

2. Florida is the first team that I can remember to hold both the football national championship and the basketball national championship at the same time. It may have happened in the past but I am quite certain it has not happened in the post UCLA era of college basketball. Then again if I am Billy Donavan, I would be a little irked with Florida winning in football like this.

3. I had no idea the Heisman jinx worked that quickly. It usually waits until a player reaches the NFL. Troy Smith was an atrocious 4 for 14 passing for 36 yards and one INT as well as a fumble the Gators returned to the five and resulted in a TD. Any draft stock he had is worth pennies right now.

4. They really need to back this game up closer to New Year's Day. At this point conference play has started in basketball and it really is infringing upon spotlight which should be cast on basketball at this point. I can imagine the folks at ESPN were chomping at the bit to get on the air with their coverage but had to wait for the conclusion of Texas Tech-Kansas State which had to be one of the uglier basketball games contested this season.

5. I was really hoping the AP would step up and vote Boise State #1 since they were the only undefeated team.