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Kzryzewski Thinks Playing Too Much on Sunday is a Burden

Let me offer a disclaimer here. I only caught a snippet of the interview Mike Kzryzewski was giving on the Duke Radio Network which prior to the game with Boston College and it may include context that might change my take on this. However here is a paraphrase of what I heard him say:

K was complaining about the schedule and the fact Duke is slated to play on Sunday from now until the end of the regular season. He said it was tough on the kids to not have a Sunday off for that period where they could "kick back, maybe go to church." He also went as far as to compare it to having a business and never being able to take Sunday off. He concluded the remark by saying they were ready to play in spite of the schedule.

First of all, this is such an asinine complaint. Consider for a moment that he is talking about 18-22 year old kids who, because of their tremendous talent, have been afforded the opportunity to play college basketball at the highest level. They are also getting a free ride in college which can be stressful as far as academic work goes but for the most part is probably the greatest four years of your life for any number of reasons. So someone tell me why I should feel even a tinge of pity for these guys because they are scheduled to play six straight Sundays? Excuse me if I failed to see the huge stresser here? Yes, it might be a bit inconvenient as it was me when I had cross country meets almost every weekend from September to November when I was running at UNCG. Guess what? I made a choice to do that as these players have made a choice to do so knowing full well that it might mean the sacrifice of a handful of free weekend days throughout the season.

And if I might point something out to the whining, self absorbed Duke head coach, but there are several business which must operate every single day of the year and whose employees get little to no time off from jobs that are a heck of a lot more important and dangerous than playing college basketball. The foremost such insitution that comes to mind is the United States Military whose soldiers often work seven days a week in highly dangerous environments so that we can have the freedoms we enjoy prominent among those being the freedom to play sports and go to college. For K to suggest that Duke's schedule of six straight Sunday games is somehow a burden to the poor Blue Devil players is not only arrogant but requires such a complete loss of perspective on the order of things it hurts.

So considering this is such a difficult stretch might I suggest the Duke players and coaches all quit the team and take jobs at Chick-Fil-A that way they will never have to work on Sunday again.