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Penn at UNC

Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: January 3rd, 8:00 PM
Records: UNC 12-1, Penn 6-5

This is the last non-conference game before the ACC season. UNC will get a trip to Arizona in late January but the game against Penn is the last tune-up before the real season starts. There is some concern about the injuries at the point guard position. Bobby Frasor has been dressed on the bench but has not played since early December. Quentin Thomas has been out for about the same stretch of time and during the Dayton game Ty Lawson experienced some issues with his wrist though it has been said not be a serious issue. I would not expect to see either Frasor or Thomas until the Florida State game. Lawson is probably fine and the absence of Frasor and Thomas has allowed him to grow a great deal into position since he did not have to be concerned with playing time.

Penn does not boast a great deal of height so look for another field day for the duo of Hansbrough and Wright. The play of Danny Green and Wayne Ellington has been crucial during the past few games so I would expect more of the same. As I have said in other previews the two areas I think are being worked on the most are the defense and 40 minutes of focus. The past two games has seen UNC sturggling though one half and then imposing it's will in the second half when the fatigue factor kicks in for the other team. Given Penn's lack of depth, UNC should be able to wear the Quakers down. It would be nice to see UNC attack from start to finish and really put a complete game out there.

UNC 102 Penn 66