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Random Thoughts From Watching/Listening to ACC Basketball

  • I caught some of Duke-BC game on Duke's radio network and I swear if Bob Harris does not embellish every instance of physical contact made on a Duke player as though someone was committing felony assault on them. At one point he said a BC player pushed a Duke player "out of the way" then grabbed the rebound. And when a Duke player is fouled going to the basket he is not just fouled, he is FOULED HARD! And while I know Woody Durham does some similar stuff it does not strike me as blatant as Harris acting like blatant fouls are not being called.
  • I watched about five minutes of Wake Forest-Georgia Tech Tuesday night and saw Mohoummed Faye dunk the basketball, hang on the rim, and then slap the backboard on his way down. He was then slapped himself with a technical which essentially erased his dunk. Honestly, how dumb a decision is that to do something so egregious that the ref has no choice but the hit you with a T.
  • Of course I also very close to believing based on this incident and Georgia Tech's play in general that perhaps Paul Hewitt is not really that good of a coach. And please spare me the youth argument because Duke is probably just as young and possibly not even as talented in terms of athleticism as Georgia Tech and they have a much better record.
  • I hate the unbalanced schedule because while we may be 6-7 games into the conference season, the standings are still a mess because some teams have yet to play other teams or in some cases one team is at home more on the front end of the schedule than they will be on the back side. The point is if they had a balanced schedule where everyone played everyone through one time and then went through again we could get a better grasp of where the season is headed. The problem is no one wants to play 22 conference games so what I would suggest is as much as possible have everyone play their two time opponents first, then play a middle portion against the single timers before going back to the two time opponents to finish the season.
  • The ACC Tournament will be in Tampa this year and I cannot be the only one who thinks that is really odd to have the ACC Tournament in Florida. I would much prefer it be in either Greensboro or Charlotte. Being somewhat of an ACC tradionalist it just seems like where it should be at. Plus it would be close just in case I ever get an inkling to attend a game.
  • I was trying to think if there were any coaches on the hot seat in basketball. No one really jumps out right now though I would think the Gary Williams' 2002 National Title Immunity Card is getting close to expiring. Oliver Purnell and Seth Greenberg would have be facing some pressure but the play of their teams has mitigated that for the time being.