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UNC 77 Georgia Tech 61

For a second consecutive game UNC played great defense and despite further turnover problems a balance offense help the Heels dominate the game. For the first half it was the long absent perimeter game and the play of Reyshawn Terry who had 10 points and two threes. The interior game was largely absent but UNC took advantage of the GT miscues to score several baskets off turnovers. In the second half, it was the same tried and true strategy we have seen in earlier games and that was a focused effort to get the ball to Hansbrough which resulted in him netting 24 points with 14 of them coming from the FT line. Brandan Wright failed to reach double figures for the first time in his collegiate career with nine. Outside those three, UNC got the rest of the scoring largely by committee....a huge committee which really illustrates the danger of playing UNC. Not only do you have to worry about stopping Hansbrough or Wright, possibly even Terry but anyone else who might decide to get hot and hit a three pointer at an inopportune time in the game.

The question moving forward as UNC moves a half game behind Boston College who lost badly at Clemson is whether the two game defensive effort is a permanant pattern or a short lived reaction to a loss which will eventually settle into complacency revealing the same issues with effort and intensity on the defensive end. I would hope the lessons of the Virginia Tech game are lasting ones and the UNC team we see now is very close where they need to be defensively speaking.

Now if we could just hold onto the ball a little better, as thought that has really mattered in the final margin.