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UNC 81 Dayton 51

The defense was good, the offense was so-so, and the turnovers were up.

And UNC still won by 30 so I would say the Heels have really got things working. The stat line of the game belongs to Danny Green who had eight assists, seven rebounds, two blocks to go with five points. Green is really beginning to look like on of those versatile players who can fill several different roles on the court and while he may not post spectacular points totals but he contributes in a variety of ways during the course of the game. And it should be noted that the kind of player Green is becoming is the kind I thought Reyshawn Terry would be this season but thus far it has not panned out. Ty Lawson had another great game at the point dishing the ball seven times and comitting only one turnover. And the trio of Hansbrough, Wright, and Ellington combined for 48 points on 21 for 31 shooting. Aside from the turnovers the offense was balanced but the real story of the game was the improving defense which seems to approaching a point that even Roy Williams is liking what he is seeing:

I think practice. They’re working really hard in practice. They’re starting to take more pride in what they’re doing defensively. Each and every day they’re understanding more what the defensive end of the floor can mean for them. Again, we weren’t very sharp offensively, now again give Dayton’s defense credit for some of that, but when you hold a team to 21 percent in the first half you know that you’re going to be OK regardless of what you’re doing on offense and the offensive end. I think the practice time that we’ve been able to have and their attitude and their understanding and the experience of going through it a little bit more and understanding how capable the teams are that we’re playing. I think all of it is involved, but experience and practice and just understanding how important it is is the biggest thing. [Inside Carolina]

So UNC gets to 12-1 with one game left against Penn of the Ivy League which should be an easy mark. Then UNC plays their ACC opener next Saturday versus Florida State in their first real test in about a month.