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UNC at Clemson: Live Blog

I think this is a big game for both teams. Two game losing streaks are largely undesirable because UNC gets GT on Saturday and the last thing you want is a lack of confidence. Here we go!!!

7:06 PM Clemson's crowd is loud and the Tigers are out with some intensity. UNC needs to weather the storm until the crowd calms down. 4-2 Clemson.

7:07 PM Nice steal for Terry and great move to get the hoop and the foul. UNC leads 5-4.

7:08 PM The defense looks better. They are playing with energy and Clemson is not getting good looks.

7:09 PM Not sure why Roy insists on giving Stepheson time at this point in the game.

7:10 PM Oliver Purnell said in the ACC conference call this week that VT proved you could run with UNC and win. Four minutes into this one Clemson is having a problem with that.

7:11 PM Clemson does not shoot well from the outside and that is what UNC is forcing them into thus far.

7:12 PM 1st TV Timeout. UNC 7 Clemson 5.

7:14 PM Doris Burke says that Roy ripped the Heels for the defense against VT saying it was embrassing. So far it looks like the message stuck.

7:15 PM It looks like Roy has also told them to pass the ball halfway down the court every time.

7:16 PM Wow Brandan Wright hit a free throw!!! Missed the first one though.

7:18 PM The Heels defense is very good right now. Clemson is out of sorts a bit and the crowd is out of the game.

7:19 PM Turnovers guys!!! Two bad miscues turns into five Clemson points and ties the game up at 10.

7:20 PM Mike Patrick is just a little too happy when Clemson makes a good play.

7:21 PM The Heels are having issues turning offensive rebounds into second chance points. Shooting for both teams is fairly bad at this point.

7:23 PM The defense is better but the offensive execution as well as the turnovers is still questionable. Poor decisionmaking and in some cases the ball is bouncing the wrong way. Heels up 1 at the 2nd TV Timeout.

7:25 PM ESPN2 has Illinois at Minnesota. That is bound to be a dreadful game to watch.

7:27 PM Deon Thompson baby! UNC up 16-14 on the 3 point play by Thompson.

7:28 PM Terry showing up with some big shots...from time to time. Hey I'll take it. Heels 19-14

7:29 PM These shots just barely missing are killing me.

7:30 PM Someone please take care of the basketball. Lawson not having a stellar game handling the rock.

7:31 PM Nice dunk on the inbounds for Green!

7:32 PM 3rd TV Timeout.

7:35 PM According to Doris Burke the Tar Heel players tried to kill each other on Monday.

7:36 PM Holy cow!!! Al Skinner dismissed Sean Williams and some other guy from the team. Well, 5-11 is not that bad right?

7:37 PM Too many points off turnovers for Clemson.

7:38 PM Well I expect that zone is pretty much done.

7:39 PM There is an opportunity here to extend the lead if UNC an execute which they can't because they keep throwing bad passes.

7:41 PM Nice touch pass from Hansbrough. Clemson continues to struggle to get anything point wise. UNC up six.

7:43 PM I do not think the UNC turnovers are as much the Clemson defense as they are the Heels just throwing the ball right where it can be picked off.

7:47 PM Green hits big three and UNC plays great defense but gives up an answe with five seconds left on the shot clock.

7:48 PM TAKE CARE OF THE FREAKING BASKETBALL!!!! many times are we going to cough up the ball here and keep giving Clemson free points. UNC could be up 15 easy if they simply made better decisions in the half court.

7:49 PM About freaking time Ellington. UNC up nine, less than two minutes to go.

7:50 PM Timeout Clemson with UNC up 11 despite the fact they have trouble holding onto the basketball.

7:51 PM Apparently Clemson's ability to shoot the basketball is worse than UNC's ability to take care of the basketball.

7:52 PM Ah...we get treated to footage from 2001 when UNC lost at Clemson while #1...thanks for bringing that back up.

7:53 PM Nice execution in the half court followed by a layup after a Clemson miss. Tiger get two at the buzzer and UNC is up 13 at halftime.

The fact UNC is 13 is either an indication of how good their defense has been or how bad the Clemson offense has been or possibly both. The turnovers are killing me, UNC could be up 20.

8:10 PM 11 turnovers, now that is horrible...make it 12 to start the half and Clemson scores off of it.

8:12 PM I would like to see the points of TOs stat, it has to be over half Clemson's points because they cannot get jack in the half court.

8:13 PM Yes. Brandan Wright absolutely took two steps and then some on that dunk, the refs blew that one. UNC trying to run away with it now off the defense...Clemson takes a timeout with UNC up 50-33.

8:15 PM I am still trying to process that dismissal of the two BC players. Sean Williams is a beast and I was wondering how well the UNC duo would do against him. I guess we will never know.

8:16 PM When the leading scorer for the other team has zero points 22 minutes into the game, that says a lot about the defense.

8:17 PM Raymond Felton comparision for Lawson. Lawson is not nearly as good a shooter at this point.

8:18 PM Lawson with three fouls...not good. I do not think UNC will take their foot of the Tiger's throat here but still a ways to go here.

8:19 PM That is two offensive fouls on Ginyard. 1st TV timeout of the second half with UNC up 19.

8:20 PM Funny how quickly the worms turns on a team. It looks like Virginia Tech checked themselves out with five minutes to go against UNC and have yet to check back in. FSU is up on VT 16 at halftime. I really hope they enjoyed being ranked.

8:23 PM Five fouls on UNC in the half and Clemson with zero...I did not know we were playing Duke tonight.

8:24 PM Little momentum shift here. Clemson closes to 17 and oh never mind, after both teams throwing the ball about, Wright gets the dunk and the foul on the fast break. Of course he misses the free throw, maybe we can just opt for a jump ball when he has free throws instead.

8:26 PM Execution under pressure with the crowd pushing. Clemson can block some shots.

8:28 PM Mike Patrick is now the voice of the Clemson crowd and he just said Thomas had a history of losing the basketball which may have been true at the beginning of last year.

8:29 PM 2nd TV timeout. UNC is up 19 despite continuing to turn the ball over. The defense has been excellent. Clemson cannot run the offense, get any good looks, and were it not for the turnovers they would have fewer easy baskets and be down more than they are.

8:31 PM ESPN keeps advertising for the UNC-GT game Sat. night and calling Hansbrough "one of the hottest sophomores in UNC history" Pretty good company when you consider the years Jordan and Jamison had as sophomores.

8:33 PM Clemson somehow keeps picking off UNC passes. Either UNC is just making lazy passes or Clemson has a keen eye for the steals.

8:34 PM Lawson has a gross number of TOs tonight.

8:36 PM Mike Patrick is such a blinking idiot. Mike says Thomas is struggling. Here is a clue Mike, UNC seems to be struggling to hold onto the ball as a rule tonight.

8:38 PM UNC is up 20 points and has 20 turnovers. I did not think that was possible.

8:40 PM Clemson has 27 points off turnovers which, as I thought, accounts for over half their points. You could easily imagine that number being cut in half if UNC showed any semblance of good ball handling and decisionmaking which means this could easily be a 34 point Tar Heel advantage.

8:45 PM I thought Bucky Waters was dead. Apparently he is calling the Duke-Wake game tomorrow night.

8:46 PM This game has fallen into a pattern of missed shots and not much in the way of offense. UNC is 18 with 5 minutes to go.

8:48 PM So Green is two steps inside the three point line, shoots and makes it. Mike Patrick says: "Green hits the three!"

8:49 PM UNC now up 22 with Green going to the line to at the final TV timeout of the game. UNC 70 Clemson 48.

8:51 PM For as bad as UNC has been in the ball handling department, Clemson has 17 turnovers while shooting 33% from the floor and hitting only five of 15 free throws. That is ugly no matter how you put it.

8:54 PM I am guessing Bobby Frasor does not like wearing street clothes when he is injured. UNC up 25.

8:55 PM Okay Mike, no one, I mean no one, thought Terry was going to be a natural leader.

8:57 PM Heels seem content to kill the clock. Wow...Clemson shoots free throws worse than Wright does.

8:58 PM I am ribbing Wright over the free throws but he has been a beast tonight with 17 points.

8:59 PM Scrub time.

9:00 PM Copeland with two baskets to put UNC up 24 and Clemson hits one to make the final score: UNC 77 CLemson 55.

9:01 PM Any questions now?