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Virginia at UNC: Live Blog

I had planned to go with a live blog tonight but the President is screwing with me by preempting the game here in Raleigh, so I am listening to Woody Durham for now awaiting the end of the Presidential address.

9:07 PM: UVa is apparently out hot with two threes and a 10-4 lead.

9:08 PM: Duke is about to fall to 0-2 in the ACC handing GT their first ACC win in Atlanta. First time since 1996 Duke has lost at GT.

9:10 PM: UNC out a little shaky. Ellington cannot find his shot and UNC is down 12-6 at the 1st TV timeout.

9:16 PM: Duke loses at GT. A very nice start to the evening.

9:17 PM: UNC committing lots of turnovers and UVa has hit three 3-pointers so far to take a 15-8 lead.

9:18 PM: UNC also seems to not be able to hit shots at this point. If I had not seen them blow teams out in the second half, I would be worried now.

9:19 PM: Hansbrough with the basket and the foul...that is a good way to get the offense started and hits the free throw.

9:20 PM: UVa 4 for 5 from three point range. But UNC with a nice little rally to close it to four.

9:22 PM: Wow. WRAL had the good sense to cut right to the game as soon as the speech ended instead of showing us all of the fairly worthless analysis. UNC down 24-18 at the second TV timeout.

9:26 PM: Billy Packer is doing color. Oh. Joy.

9:27 PM: Bobby Frasor just got wasted by Singletary, then fouled him and let him score. UNC now down nine halfway through the first stanza.

9:28 PM: UVa is in an aggressive man-to-man, so aggressive that Singletary now has two fouls which could be a big deal as the game develops.

9:30 PM: Possible turning point here. Singletary goes out and UNC presses UVa, Ellington is fouled intentionally on a steal and hits two FTs to make it 27-23 UVa.

9:31 PM: Wes Miller misses a three, UVa scores on the other end, and Ellington cannot buy a shot right now.

9:33 PM: So UNC plays excellent defense and then gives up the offensive board plus committing the foul on top of it.

9:34 PM: 3rd TV timeout. UNC just is out of sync. The interior game is so-so and Ellington cannot hit a show to save his 19 year old life. The only upside is Singletary went out with his second foul and he may not play again this half unless UNC surges back in a big way. The pace is what UNC wants, let's hope that depth pays off in the second half as it has in the past few games. UVa 29 UNC 23.

9:36 PM: I think Raycom's scoreboard is way more instrusive than it needs to be. Either keep it in the corner or push it all the way down.

9:37 PM: Ellington finally hits a three. Hansbrough after the UVa miss cuts it to two and Lawson gives UNC the lead with a three! TIMEOUT. Virginia. 13-3 run by the Heels.

9:39 PM: Singletary back in and UVa takes the lead back, then extends to four.

9:40 PM: Lawson with a nice drive, makes the scoop shot and is fouled. Lawson misses the FT. UVa by 2.

9:41 PM: UVa has cooled off a bit. Hansbrough to the line for two FTs.

9:42 PM: Delay while Hansbrough is attended to after being smacked in the face. Misses both FTs. UVa with the ball

9:44 PM: Hansbrough ties the game at 35. Good thing UVa is not hot from three because they are getting looks.

9:45 PM: 4th TV timeout. As disjointed as UNC has looked so far, they are in good shape to be tied. UVa has had some good looks from three and missed them back of the rim or rimmed out. One issue is the rebounding where UNC is not enjoying the advantage on the offensive glass as they did versus FSU.

9:48 PM: If were UVa I would sit in a zone until UNC showed they could hit threes consistently.

9:51 PM: Two bad turnovers with a chance to get points and extend the lead. UNC has made some nice passes on offense. UNC cannot hit a three but are collecting tons of offensive rebounds. 20 second timeout for UNC. Roy is not happy.

9:52 PM: UNC playing for one shot. Lawso drives and gets the ball to Wright who gives UNC the 39-37 halftime lead.

Like I said, UNC seems to be operating with a mentality of play cautious and shaky in the first half before destroying their opponent in the second half. This is all well and good but the problem with a team like UVa is they have the ability to shoot lights out from three and bury you to the point it requires a significant rally to come back. Fortunately, UVa has missed some threes and after Singletary picked up his second foul UNC got aggressive taking the lead. After a little back and forth they had the lead by two and on two straight possessions made an ill advised pass down court which in the second instance was intercepted for a dunk to tie the game. The next possession was bad in the sense UNC could not hit shots and the offense was just wild. Roy called a timeout to calm them down, get the starters back in and get a basket to take the lead into the locker room. The question is whether we will see the kind of second half UNC has played in the last four or five games? Also, how much the fatigue factor come into play for UVa. Their minutes at half are somewhat high but the advantage UNC often has is not only do they play deep but the players they have on the second string are so much better than the reserves on the other team.

Some quick stats:

  • UNC is dominating the board which is not how it looks on TV, 27-18
  • Shooting: UNC 38%, UVa 44%
  • Wright leads UNC with 10, Singeltary leads UVa with 11

10:09 PM: Start of the second half. And UNC according to plan goes right to Hansbrough to take the lead back.

10:10 PM: UVa is out with a lot of energy taking the ball to the basket and dishing off for layups. UNC outside the first basket by Hansbrough is flat. UVa is now up five.

10:11 PM: Packer thinks Singletary's two first half fouls were "cheap"

10:13 PM: Thompson has the ball on the block with Frasor open on the arc and chooses to shot a bad fall away jumper rather than kick for the three. Of course now Thompson has scored two straight baskets to tie the game.

10:15 PM: Dave Leato decides to take the crowd out of it and calls timeout when UVa looked fairly clueless out there.

10:16 PM: Maryland is trailing Miami by six at home. Kansas is wailing on Okla State. Did I also mention that Duke lost tonight and they are 0-2 in the ACC? You sure?

10:18 PM: Deon Thompson was once 300 lbs and played football? Wow. UVa comes out of the timeout and promptly lets the shot clock expire. Of course we now get another timeout this time for commercials.

10:21 PM: Who is this Cain fellow and how does he keep scoring?

10:22 PM: Thompson is about to fall over. Great game from him thus far. Glad someone decided to show up.

10:23 PM: Packer seems to think he has Roy's plan for UNC all figured out.

10:24 PM: Good thing UNC is grabbing so many offensive boards because they keep missing layups.

10:25 PM: Now that was funny. UVa player drives on Wright from the wing and two other Heels jumped up to block his shot.

10:26 PM: Make the freaking layups!!!! Ginyard is guarding Singletary who proceeds to hit a three after running around about six screens.

10:28 PM: Nice heads up play from Green who got the steal an immediately threw it down court to Thomas for the layup.

10:30 PM: So UNC is up three right now with 12 minutes to go. It would be nice to somehow get a run and extend this out to about 10 points.

10:31 PM: Nice crashing the glass by Ginyard to give UNC a five point lead. Is it just me or does UNC have a bad case of butter fingers tonight? They seem to have trouble grabbing the ball as well as having so many shots roll off the rim.

10:33 PM: With the way UNC has struggled tonight it seems like Lawson, Ellington, and Terry have dissappeared but guys like Ginyard, Thompson, Thomas have stepped up. Whatever works fellas. And Tim Brando agrees with me.

10:35 PM: UNC's defense is winning this game. They are getting steals and generally throwing the UVa offense out of sorts.

10:36 PM: Another missed layup. They are just off tonight.

10:37 PM: Another Jackie Manuel comparision for Ginyard. I am sorry, Ginyard is no least not yet. UVa has closed the game back to five after being down 11. UNC got a little complacent when they extended that lead. That and the fact so many shots seem just a bit off.

10:41 PM: More great defense by the Heels. Ran the shot clock down and then forced a travel.

10:43 PM: Wright misses the follow dunk. This game is a litany of just missed shots. Had half of those gone down, the Heels would be up 20.

10:45 PM: Packer: "Lawson not looking for his jumper" Geez Billy, I think most guys who are covered by a taller defender tend to look to penetrate or pass.

10:46 PM: Enough cannot be said about the job Green, Ginyard, Thomas, and Thompson did in floating this team tonight. Now the starters are back in and playing with better energy.

10:47 PM: Once again the defense has been excellent.

10:48 PM: Uh-oh. Roy is pissed and I see why. The UVa defender basically leaned aside when Terry went up. Should not have been a charge.

10:50 PM: UNC has asserted some serious defensive pressure this game. UVa has been on 58 for four minutes now.

10:55 PM: A five minute scoring drought ends for UVa with five unanswered points. UNC now up nine with Tim Brando giving the standard "three possession game...blah blah blah...we are not done yet...yada yada yada"

10:57 PM: Now why did UVa foul there. That had to be pracariously close to a 10 second call and they bailed UNC out by fouling Hansbrough.

10:58 PM: 38% shooting for the Heels, simply horrible on offense and they still are up 10. Not a good idea to foul the other team when they are trailing by 10 and you need the clock to run.

10:59 PM: Miami up four on MD and neither team has broken 50 with 3 minutes to go.

11:00 PM: Oops. UVa's Diane, who is hitting most of their three tonight just fouled out.

11:01 PM: So the last four times UNC has started 14-1 they went to the Final Four all four times and won two titles.

11:02 PM: Do we really need to minimize the game to 1/4 of the screen to show lottery numbers? UNC really should think about NOT fouling at this point.

11:04 PM: Packer says this team reminds him of the 1994 team. I think the chemistry on this team is a heck of a lot better than that team.

11:07 PM: That's it. Ugly as it was, it is still a win. UNC 79 UVa 69. More on the game in a bit.