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ACC Basketball Update(2/15)


Virginia Tech 81 UNC 80 (OT)
Georgia Tech 63 Florida State 57
Virginia 90 Longwood 49

Duke 78 Boston College 70
Maryland 85 NC State 70
Wake Forest 67 Clemson 65


  • What is this 1995 all over again? UNC and UVa were part of that four way tie at 12-4 which required a drawing of names to determine the seeding for the ACC Tournament. Based on the remaining schedules a four way tie should not happen this time around.
  • Clemson started 17-0. Since then? 2-6 and with the loss at Wake Forest they move onto the bubble.
  • Maryland is getting close to being off said bubble with an important win at NC State. Clemson would be a great game to steal considering the way the Tigers are playing. If they can win there and then beat FSU and NC State at home that would make eight wins and should be enough.
  • Memo to Virginia: Why not swap this date with the Stanford game? I would think you would want a decent OOC contest to gauge yourself.
  • Duke breaks the losing streak by catching BC asleep at the wheel. Duke still has major offensive problems during the final 10 minutes of the game. They end up playing scared when they have a lead that late and had BC been a little more into a few minutes sooner it would have been fifth straight loss.
  • Georgia Tech won a road ACC game for the first time since 2005.
  • VT became the third new ACC entrant to win in their first trip to Chapel Hill. Florida State, Boston College, and VT all made the inagural trip a winning one. Miami in 2005 is the only one who was not successful.