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ACC Basketball Update(2/19)


Wake Forest 74 Miami 69
Virginia 73 Florida State 70
North Carolina 77 Boston College 72

Duke 71 Georgia Tech 62
NC State 81 Virginia Tech 56
Maryland 82 Clemson 66


  • A few days ago we had a log jam at the top and lot's of questions. As it stands now the lead pack has been cut in half.
  • How many times can NC State come out and shoot has hot as they did versus Virginia Tech? Makes me feel a little better about Feb. 3rd to see the Pack come out and shred the Hokies the same way they did UNC. I can only hope they shot their alottment on Sunday so UNC does not have to deal with it come Wednesday.
  • Did I mention I think BC is a bunch of whining thugs? I honestly think the Eagles may be worse than Duke on he foul issue.
  • Maryland is positioning itself for an NCAA Tournament bid while Clemson is pretty much toast.
  • Virginia kept pace with UNC but since the Heels own the tiebreaker it really does not matter what the Cavs do as long as North Carolina wins out.
  • Duke is back above .500 in the ACC and Bob Harris is still certifiable.
  • NCAA Tournament Prospects:
  • Locks: UNC, UVa, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Duke
  • Should Be In: Maryland
  • Hard Bubble: Georgia Tech, Florida State
  • Brain dead and on life support: Clemson