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ACC Basketball Update(2/22)


UNC 83 NC State 64
Georgia Tech 75 Wake Forest 61
Virginia Tech 79 Boston College 62
Miami 68 Virginia 60
Maryland 73 Florida State 55

Duke 71 Clemson 66


  • Virginia will not win the ACC Tournament. How do I know this? Because Florida is way to close to Puerto Rico. Whatever happened at Miami was the same thing that happened in PR where UVa lost to App State and Utah.
  • A week ago UNC found themselves mixed up with a pack of teams and a lot of questions about whether or not they could still win the regular season. Now UNC is in sole possession of first place and needs to win out to ensure the regular season title.
  • BC is in a full blow tailspin having now lost three straight. Given the frustrating nature of these losses their attitudes and general thuggery have been on full display.
  • VT bounced back from the loss to NC State to thrash BC in ways I am not permitted to describe on this family friendly blog. They hold a tiebreaker on UNC and need a Tar Heel loss and to win the remainder of their games which includes a trip to Charlottesville.
  • Maryland and Georgia Tech are making their push for the NCAA Tournament. Actually Maryland should already be there, though they need one more win for 8-8 in the ACC. GT is close but not quite there yet.
  • Clemson is done unless they make it to Sunday of the ACC Tournament. Winning it would be automatic and just being there might be enough of a bump to slide in. That's not happening so maybe the Tigers can bring the NIT back to South Carolina for the third straight season.
  • Duke is now 8-6 and if BC continues to sputter the Devils might get out of playing on Thursday.
  • NCAA Tournament prospects at this point:
  • Locks: UNC, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Boston College, Duke
  • Should Be In: Maryland
  • Possibly In: Georgia Tech
  • Toast: Florida State
  • Burnt Toast: Clemson