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ACC Basketball Update(2/5)


Georgia Tech 80 Clemson 62
Boston College 80 Virginia Tech 59
NC State 83 UNC 79
Maryland 79 Wake Forest 72
Virginia 81 Miami 70

Florida State 68 Duke 67


  • Okay, does everyone remember when Duke was winning five straight games and everyone seemed ready to declared them to be "back" even though they had three of five games versus the bottom of the league and the other two were at home? Yeah, that Duke apparently went out to lunch. Duke has once again lost two straight games and the question is whether UNC can make it three straight. It is also notable that Duke has lost two games close which they normally win. Duke is 5-4 with UNC at home this week plus road games at Maryland, Clemson, BC and UNC left on the schedule. They could lose every one of those games and end up 7-9. I am not saying they will but that is not a great road ahead for the Devils.
  • Hokie fans remember: You are still a football school. Beating Duke and UNC does not change that.
  • Notice to Clemson: The wheels have officially come off your wagon, please pull to the shoulder and hope the NCAA Tournament committee gives you a ride to the tournament.
  • I was talking to a Virginia fan tonight who pointed out to me that the schedule is very favorable for the Cavs the rest of the way and it is possible UVa could end up 12-4. He could be right about that though if you factor in the occasional bad loss 11-5 could be the actual mark which is one heck of a season following the debacle in Puerto Rico.
  • Maryland beat someone they were supposed to beat, colored me shocked.
  • As much as Wolfpack fans complained about Herb Sendek not treating the UNC game like it was really important do you think they are happy with Sidney Lowe for not only pumping the team up but actually beating the Heels?
  • T-minus 2 days until College Basketball Armageddon 2007, Part I