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ACC Basketball Update(2/9)



  • Virginia continues to be the surprise of the conference. The Cavs were slated for the middle of the ACC pack but have cobbled together some good wins as well as benefitting from a very workable schedule down the stretch. 13-3 is a real possibility for this team which could be 2nd place or 1st place if UNC and BC stumble.
  • Speaking of which, Tar Heel Fan is part of that huge group of people who keep waiting for the Eagles to falter without Sean Williams. BC goes to FSU this weekend which could be a huge game for BC to steal.
  • UNC gets a break against Wake Forest before welcoming Virginia Tech and then traveling to Boston College.
    The win over Duke probably saved the regular season title hopes since the margin of error went out the window versus NC State.
  • Duke is 5-5 and face four of the next six ACC games on the road. If the Devils falter in all four of those games they could end up 7-9 and they would really need a couple of wins in the ACC Tournament to make the selection committee more at ease. At any rate, Duke is probably looking at playing on Thursday in the ACC Tournament.
  • Maryland and Georgia Tech need conference wins like Duke needs an offense. 8-8 is the minimal threshold for either of these two teams in the ACC. GT has a rough road with three of five on the road and the two at home are versus UNC and BC. Maryland, who is still smarting from the Miami loss, has Duke twice, UNC at home and road games with NC State and Clemson. That does not bode well for the Terps.
  • FSU and Clemson are sitting on a precipice and really need to solidify their NCAA resume by getting to 9-7.