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An Early Glimpse at the ACC Tournament

It is still a tad early to talk about ACC Tournament seedings but here is a glimpse of what it might look like:

#1 UNC, #2 Virginia, #3 Boston College, #4 Virginia Tech, #5 Clemson, #6 Florida State

#7 Duke, #8 Georgia Tech, #9 Maryland, #10 NC State, #11 Miami, #12 Wake Forest

Several interesting possibilities here:

1. Do you think NC State would like another piece of Duke? The Pack were flat the last time they faced the Devils so this would be a nice revenge game for them.

2. How about Georgia Tech vs Maryland in what could be seen as a NCAA play-in game? The winner would get UNC in this scenario with little chance of moving on thought GT has beaten UNC in the last two ACC Tournament meetings.

3. If Duke were to get by NC State a rematch with UVa is in the offiing which would be intriguing considering the last game at Charlottesville.

4. BC and FSU in the quarterfinals would be a great matchup with their history.

5. If seeding were to hold we could see UNC-VT III and UVa-BC.

6. Honestly, despite the troubles in Durham it would stink to be seeded #1-4 and get Duke on Friday,