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Marcus Ginyard Gets It

If anything is abundantly clear, it is that Tar Heel Fan is a big fan of Marcus Ginyard. I love the type of player he is, one that has defensive prowess and generally puts forth a great effort every time out. I have also made no bones about the fact I think he should be the starting shooting guard in place of Wayne Ellington. And if any of that were not enough, based on what he had to say to the N&O he could very well be the vocal leader this team needs:

But I do believe that last year's team would beat this year's team at this point in the season," sophomore Marcus Ginyard said Tuesday. "I think that the attitude, the drive, the competitiveness was on another level last year. And that's the thing that disappoints me, personally, the most


"It should have been a wake-up call against Gonzaga, it should have been a wake-up call at Virginia Tech, then it should have been a wake-up call against Virginia Tech, again," said Ginyard, whose 24-5 team plays at Georgia Tech on Thursday.

"... Me, personally, I feel like it's a now or never thing. I feel like that if this team doesn't realize that's what needs to happen, that's what needs to be done right now, we're going to end up with a lot of long sad faces the next couple of weeks."

One of the more exciting aspects of his attitude here is that he will be with this team two more years and could be a huge part of UNC winning a national championship more so for what he brings in the intangibles department. He is also absolutely correct about how this team should have responded to the previous losses and how they should approach the remaining games. And I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment: Now or never.

Now starts tomorrow night in Atlanta.

(Hat tip to reader Dan for pointing out the article)