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NC State 83 UNC 79

Honestly this was just par for the course on my day. I had a project going in the yard to assemble a storage shed and let's just say that went about as well as the Heels day across town from me. With about 10 minues to go in the game I abandoned by project(out of sheer fatigue) with half the roof missing and UNC trailing to the Pack only to come and watch the rest of it on TV. In the end UNC was also left with half their roof missing and NC State had themselves a huge win.

Now, it is not that UNC played that badly, on the contrary they could have gotten by with the effort except for two things: (1) NC State controlled the tempo which disrupted the flow of the game for UNC's offense and (2) NC State shot the lights out to the tune of 60%. Some of that was UNC defense and some of it was the kind of offense NC State ran which pulled Hansbrough and Wright away from the basket too much. NC State was also fired up, for obvious reasons for this could be the biggest win they record all season.

What does loss really mean? I would be foolish to say that it does not hurt. UNC falls back to second place with BC winning today. In regards to the that it also removes the margin of error on winning the regular season. Aside from that it adds another pressure to the Duke game since the last think you want at this point is a two game losing streak. I also think it could impact seeding in the NCAA Tournament but that could very well be mitigated by whatever NC State does from this point on. If the Pack continues to roll then this loss looks far less problematic and already is when you consider this team beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on Wednesday night.

I said in the preview that this was a textbook trap game and UNC just did not adjust to the way NC State was playing them. This is the Tar Heel youth coming to bear and it has some of the lunatic fringe in Tar Heel nation screaming that this means UNC will not win the national title. My own take is that winning the title has to do with what happens in the NCAA Tournament not what happened today. I figured there was a bad loss in the offing and I am not totally suprised that it was this one. There have been some to question whether UNC has heart enough to win the title and again I did not see a lack of heart today or desire for that matter. I think UNC was looking past a team that could not seem to miss and executed their gameplan to perfection. If the loss at Virgina Tech taught us anything it was that Roy can get the team refocused. I expect nothing less here.