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UNC! Duke! Live Blog Tonight!

Happy UNC-Duke Game Day!

I am wondering if it should be a state holiday along with ACC Tournament Friday, however since the game is at night that would really be a waster of a holiday. I will be live blogging the action tonight from the comforts of home as UNC takes the long trip down 15-501 to Cameron Indoor Stadium. This game is potentially a watershed game for either team and it will be the first time out for several freshman on both benches. Sean May was on Primetime with the Packman yesterday saying that UNC players were not intimidated by Cameron last March when they ruined Senior Night. Honestly the crop of freshman for UNC see to have that deer in the headlights look more often than they should so their reaction to the Crazies will be key.

I will have my game preview up later in the day and live blogging starting around 9 PM.