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#1 UNC 71 #4 Boston College 56

This one was never really in doubt. UNC jumped out early and only at one point in the second half when BC closed it to nine at 50-41, was there any sign of a Eagle run. UNC followed that with five straight points and that pretty much closed the door. In this blogger's opinion it is the defense that is making all the difference here. Yes, the Tar Heels are clicking on the offensive end and in many cases they are doing a much better job finishing off opportunites. However, watching them play defense I am seeing them actually playing good team defense. It appears they have figured out what they are doing out there on this end of the floor. The Heels are doing a great job overplaying the passing lane and the defensive intensity seems to be much higher. I also think having guys like Brandan Wright and Wayne Ellington playing at a higher level on the defensive end does nothing but round this out more.

Offensively speaking, Brandan Wright showed why he was ROY with 20 points. Other than that it was a little spotty. Hansbrough showed that the mask is still somewhat of a hindrance for his shot but not his rebounding as he pulled down 13 boards.