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#1 UNC vs #16 Eastern Kentucky

What: NCAA Tournament 1st Round
Where: Lawrence Joel Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC
When: March 15th, 9:40 PM(approx)

Records: UNC 28-6(ACC Champion; Automatic Bid), EK 21-11(Ohio Valley Conference Champion; Automatic Bid)

Since this is a #1 versus #16 I will take the same perspective as one of the analysts I read this week who said there was nothing that made him think Eastern Kentucky had a prayer. As for what to look for in UNC, I think the first concern is the play of Tyler Hansbrough. Roy has indicated that they are getting very close to Hansbrough being at the point where there is minimal danger for him to play without the mask. Based on that I expect this to be the last game we see the mask, which has been refitted to make it more comfortable.

I am also not sure UNC blowing this team out or only beating them by 20 would actually tell us anything about how UNC will play as the tournament progresses. This is just a necessary step along the way and as long as no one gets hurt and everyone works out the butterflies en route to building upon the way they played during the ACC Tournament that is all I can really expect.

UNC 95 Eastern Kentucky 60