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1st and 2nd Round Game Times

Tar Heel Blue has the first and second round game times for UNC's bracket:

Thursday, March 15
7:20 p.m. -- #8 Marquette vs. #9 Michigan State
30 minutes after -- #1 North Carolina vs. #16 Eastern Kentucky

March 17
5:50 p.m. -- winner of #2 Georgetown/#15 Belmont vs. winner of #7 Boston College/#10 Texas Tech
30 minutes after -- winner of #1 North Carolina/#16 Eastern Kentucky vs. winner of #8 Marquette/#9 Michigan State

One minor complaint. Why does UNC, as the #1 seed in the region, have to play at 10:00 PM EDT? I know Duke had the same deal last season but quite frankly that makes little to no sense for the #1 seed to be forced into the late game. The Saturday start time makes sense for the purpose of TV ratings. If you are CBS, you want UNC on in prime time.