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ACC Basketball Update: 1st Round NCAA Tournament


UNC, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Virginia


Georgia Tech, Duke

  • ACC is 5-2 to start the tournament.
  • Virginia looked incredible in taking Albany to the cleaners. Tennessee vs Virginia should be an absolute shootout when you consider UT score 121 points in their 1st round game.
  • I will continue to maintain that Paul Hewitt is not a great coach despite going to the title game in 2004. The Yellow Jackets looked ill-prepared today.
  • Duke lost....and that still makes me smile.
  • Boston College now faces Georgetown in a battle of current and former Big East teams. I think BC can pull it out but it will be extremely difficult.
  • Maryland and Virginia Tech struggled but eventually won and since they are #4 and #5 seeds it will only get tougher from here.
  • UNC gets Michigan State for the second time in three tournaments.